What is full-spectrum light?

Full-spectrum light is a balanced light, meaning it has a full spectrum of daylight colors in the same amount, also purple and blue which is often absent in artificial light.

In full-spectrum light no color is prevalent, as is the case with standard artificial light, where the yellow or red color are dominant. This causes the eye pupils to extend more than with natural sunlight and increase the stress of eyes. This leads to sore eyes and general exhaustion, mood swings, immunosuppression, reduced concentration, anxiety, agresivity, etc.

Ra index compared with daylight is greater than 90. With linear fluorescent lamps the Ra index 98 is equal to the daylight.

Research in Slovakia and Czech Republic revealed that using full-spectrum light sources greatly decreased the unwanted harmufull effects of standard artificial light:

pain and eye redness gone,

decreased exhaustion,

increased productivity and focus on work,

decrease of children hyperactivity, and

overall psychological well-being of people with depression.